Diesel Particulate Filter - DPF Cleaning

Are you looking for a professional DPF Cleaning Service in Bromley?

We provide DPF cleaning service at our service center located in Bromley, which is carried out by trained professionals. We use specially formulated cleaning chemicals along with machinery throughout the whole DPF cleaning process and restore its functionality in one quick cleaning session.

What is DPF?

A Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF captures and stores 85% of the soot coming from the exhaust of diesel vehicles. This will ultimately help to reduce the carbon emission or the black smoke emission from diesel vehicles. Usually the DPF filters are designed to function over a longer duration without an issue, however due to the limitation of capacity to store soot, they can become clogged and malfunctioning.

This can lead to various problems with your vehicle, including a loss of power and poor fuel economy. An orange warning light on your dashboard will indicate a problem with your DPF. Should this occur, we strongly recommend taking your vehicle for a diesel particulate filter clean at a reliable auto servicing center.

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DP Filters

How do I know my DP filters are clogged and its the time to clean them?

An orange warning light on your dashboard will indicate the DPF is becoming clogged with soot or a fault develops in the DP system. If this occurs we strongly recommend you to take the car to a professional DP cleaning service center.

Why is it important to clean DP filters?

Euro 5 exhaust emissions legislation introduced in 2009 to help lower car CO2 emissions effectively made DPFs mandatory, and since then, around one in two new cars a year have been diesel-powered. More importantly removing the DPF system is illegal and the owners may face fines if caught (up to £1,000 for cars and £2,500 for vans) and removing a DPF can also invalidate your car insurance policy.

How DPF Cleaning works

Usually, your DPF removes soot automatically using passive regeneration when you drive at high speeds for several hours. However the excess soot requires the inspection of experts and to follow a professional cleaning procedure. Professional DPF cleaning involves the use of aqueous cleaning technology and specialist chemicals to reduce the soot emissions generated by your engine. Our cleaning service removes the excess soot that is preventing regeneration from taking place. Usually the whole process takes about 1 - 2 hours. Once the clean has succeeded, the subsequent storage of soot should begin to disappear and regenerate naturally.

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